My Testimony Part 1

My beautiful picture

It all started in El Paso, Texas. I was born an army brat! My dad was in the army at the same time getting his residency done to become a pediatrician. My mom was a beautiful actress oozing with creativity raising kids ages 4, 2 and a newborn.

I have very vivid memories of my toddler days. I can see the big stone wall in the backyard that separated us from the El Paso desert. I remember staring at the yellow and green wallpaper that hung on our kitchen wall while rubbing the scratches on the cold Formica table. There was also this kind lady, Esperanza, who helped take care of us. So many other snapshots of that time float around my head.

We finally settled in Mason City, Iowa – the place that shaped so much of who I am and who I would become. Here a babysitter sexually abused me. Here I found my creativity in art, music, and acting. Here I confused sex for love. Here I drank and smoked. Here I found and lost my first love. Here I was lost.

After high school, I moved to Houston, Texas to go to art school. I wandered a bit until I met the love of my life, Donald. Here is where the real dreaming happened. Here is where I could see a future. Here is where I got married. Here is where my son was born and four years later my daughter.

It was here that the lost girl was found.